Match Your Lashes to Your Mood

Lash talk! Okay ladies, honest hour, our moods are not exactly consistent to say the least. Some days we have mood swings, and others, we have the whole playground. Then there are those days where no one can stop us. We channel our inner Beyonce, wear our imaginary...

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Red Cherry Lashes

Red Cherry Lashes are some of our favourite synthetic lashes, along with our own True Glue lash styles of course! Red Cherry lashes being one of the original lash lines, we've been using them for years and years. Some of our favourite makeup artists and beauty...

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Silk Lashes Vs. Mink Lashes

Silk Lashes Vs. Mink Lashes Silk lashes and mink lashes, the two most popular styles of luxury lashes. So whats the big dif? Well, quite a few actually. Silk lashes are generally a synthetic version, or they may be authentically silk, but that is rare. Mink is made...

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Best Organic Makeup Swaps To Make ASAP!

Best Organic Makeup Swaps To Make ASAP!   Formaldehyde, parabens, artificial fragrance, petrolatum, triclosan, paraffin and talc are just a few of the toxic ingredients in most beauty products we use everyday. Unfortunately the list doesn't stop there. These products...

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Best Lashes For Your Eye Type

Best Lashes For Your Eye Type   Finding the best lashes to suit your eye will make or break your look. Finding the right style for your eye shape will help highlight your natural beauty. Here are our tips for finding the right style!   1. Almond Shape Eyes - The...

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